Get To Know More About The Tests To Identify Infertility

If you are facing pain in your genitals or irregular menstrual cycles, then you must visit a doctor immediately. There can be a lot of reasons like infertility, sterility, etc. behind such physiological conditions in men and women. Hence, doctors ask the patients to undergo the following tests to determine the causes behind infertility in their patients.

Tests for Men

The different tests for examining the fertility in men are:

Semen Analysis: The semen is collected from the person to detect the sperm count. A doctor may ask the patient to collect their semen into a container to check the quality and number of sperms present in it.

Hormone Testing: Infertility may occur in men due to decreased synthesis of testosterone and other reproductive hormones. Hence the doctor suggests undergoing hormonal tests to detect the exact cause of infertility.

Testicular Biopsy: Sometimes, the doctors ask the patient to undergo a testicular biopsy to detect the abnormalities of the reproductive organ in males.

Other Tests: In rare cases, additional tests like scrotal ultrasound, brain MRI, DNA test, genetic tests, etc. are done to find the exact cause for infertility.

Tests for Women

The specified tests for detecting issues related to infertility in women are:

Ovulation Testing: Initially, if the patient is going through the irregular occurrence of menstrual cycles, then the doctor asks them to take a few primary blood tests. These blood tests can confirm the cause behind the irregular menstrual cycle.

Hormone Testing: Just like men, hormones can also be the cause of infertility in women. Not only the reproductive hormones, but other hormones can also hinder the reproductive processes in women.

Hysterosalpingography: This test evaluates the current condition of the fallopian tubes and the uterus in the patients. It also helps the doctors to detect the presence of blockage in the passages of the reproductive system in women.

These tests are crucial to both men and women who are facing problems with their reproductive cycles. However, it is vital to get hold of these tests from a reputed fertility clinic to avoid any mishaps.

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